Jo T. Letwaitis | Senior Living Executive & Consultant and Vistage CEO Chairman ⌨  ☎ 630-200-1149

I’m a Consultant, specializing in startups or operational turn around projects for senior living facilities. I have an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality patient care and maximizing the productivity, profitability and growth of the business. 

With a unique talent for revamping entire organizations based on eradicating the core issues, I am able to pinpoint exactly why investors aren’t making their expected ROI and turn things around to create a thriving, profitable operation. 

My talents in operational and strategic leadership have definitely fueled my success in structuring policies to ensure compliance with clinical requirements.

As a senior leader in this business, I am able to connect with the IL department of public health to remove deficiencies and garner approvals on licensing applications within 2 weeks versus the normal 4-6 month timeline. 

With broad-based expertise in the senior living industry and 25 years in hospital administration, my credentials include several certifications in dementia communication and authoring 3 industry-related books.

Although my priority is restructuring all operational aspects senior living communities, my passion and ultimate goal is to create a final project and safe place for those living with memory loss.


■  Executive Leadership
■  Multi-Site Operations Management
■  Turnaround Investor ROI
■  Dementia Training - Teepa Snow Licensed Trainer
■  Quickly Growing Occupancy
■  Senior Living Community Design
■  Start-Up Operations
■  Property Design & Development
■  Licensing Expert
■  Healthcare Consulting
■  Business Development
■  Program Management
■  Sales Management

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